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  • Nan Russell

A Paper Orchestra: My Non-Fiction Favorite for April

This isn’t a book I’d automatically be drawn to if I hadn’t been following writing insights from Emmy nominated screenwriter, Michael Jamin, on Instagram. But now that I’ve experienced A Paper Orchestra: A Collection of Personal Essays, I’m a fan of the book for two reasons.


First, his story anthology of true life-snippets masterfully answers the question on the cover: “What if the smallest, almost forgotten moments were the ones that shaped us most?” His stories touched me, not because I’ve had similar experiences, but because they were vulnerably real and poignantly honest moments of personal growth, served with humor.

Second, some of his stories have stayed with me, clawing alive my own memories on topics like forgiveness and love and identity. That element was enhanced, I think, since I listened to the audio book read by, or more accurately performed by, the author, with added frosting of an intriguing epilogue called, “Finding the Story.”

Michael Jamin’s exceptional personal storytelling is a powerful expression about becoming. And it touched my heart. A Paper Orchestra, which I highly recommend, is engaging, provocative, and a testament to good writing.


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