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  • Nan Russell

'Tis the Season

In the big scheme of things, all I want for Christmas, is to believe it’s possible to change the trajectory of this world we share; possible to collectively seek solutions to shared human, societal, political, and environmental problems; and possible that we will find in the deeper messages of this season – no matter where we live, how we pray or don’t pray, who we love, what language we speak, or what color our skin – a thread of hope that future generations can live with equality and opportunity for everyone, because we never gave up believing in or working toward a better world.

I believe most people are people of goodwill. And those who embrace a message of love – whether in celebration of Christmas or any heritage or tradition – understand that in everyday ways we can bring love’s light into our own spheres of influence.

Afterall, in quiet underground ways or in vocal and vibrant ones, we teach with the actions of our lives. We teach by what we say or don’t say; by what we do or don’t do. We teach callousness by being indifferent, hate by hating, intolerance by judging, and mistrust by dishonesty. But we teach kindness by being kind, forgiveness by forgiving, integrity by incorruptibility, and love by loving, ‘Tis the season to decide.


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