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  • Nan Russell

Musings: We are Storytellers

Stories are everywhere. In the information we read, the content we watch, the people we listen to, and the places we work or frequent. Stories can bring us together or keep us apart; touch our hearts or chill them; ignite a positive future or a dystopian one.

So, it’s good to remember that we are all storytellers, and that the stories we tell can help or hinder our collective future.

Some tell horror stories with overblown fears that influence others to stop connecting with people who have different thoughts, politics, status, or looks. Others share stories of intrigue or conspiracies driven by assumptions not grounded in fact, while others propagate fantasy tales about what only they and others like them should receive or enjoy.

These stories, often peppered with fictionalized mistruths, can influence our emotional DNA by gender, race, religion, politics, or community. And when we believe them and live into them, they can influence our results and whether we become who we are capable of becoming.

Our stories matter as everyday storytellers to our families, friends, and colleagues. We are people they know and trust. And what we say can make a difference. So, I think this is an important time to embrace the responsibility and opportunity we possess with each story we choose to tell.

You can find more of my musings in the "Previous Work Archive"


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