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  • Nan Russell

Musings: It's Not About Time - Five Realities

I like the quote from poet Stanislaw J. Lec: “People find life entirely too time-consuming.”

Sometimes life does feels like that. And while there are thousands of books on time management, the real answer when we feel we have too much to do and too little time to do it, requires new thinking.

Below are a few time-myths and time-realities from my book: It’s Not About Time.

#1: Lack of time is a symptom.

Busyness is a symptom. Overwhelmed is a symptom. When these symptoms linger week to week, year to year, it’s not a time problem you’re having, it’s a choice problem. And the biggest choice is deciding if you want to be a passenger or a driver for your life’s non-renewable currency of time.

#2: There’ll never be enough time to get everything done.

The myth is that you can do it all. But the new reality is clear. There isn’t enough time for all that needs doing, you’d like to do, or should do. Except for those life-happens events, thinking the chaos and stress in everyday life is caused by not having enough time is an error.


#3:  You get the same amount but use it differently.

Choices shapes results. You get the same twenty-four hours a day as your neighbor. Practice the piano eight hours a day and you’ll be better than people who don’t. Hone your skills and talents, or spend your day texting, scrolling, or watching. The choice is yours.

#4: How you use time is a reflection of what matters to you.

 How you spend your time puts a value on what and whom you’re spending it on. All tasks are not equal. All commitments are not equal. All responsibilities are not equal. And certainly not all the people we know are central to our well-being.

#5: There is always time for what matters.

Life is, for all of us, a series of trade-offs, but only you know what matters for you. Eighty-one percent of Americans report they want to write a book. But what are they willing to do to make time for book writing? What time tradeoffs are you willing to make for that book-writing-equivalent in your life? For the people you love; your aspirations and dreams; your wants; goals; future?

Achieving what you want and thriving in the process goes beyond time. You can find real-world how-tos and tips in: It’s Not About Time: How to Thrive and Get the Results You Want at Work and in Life!


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