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My Favorite Suspense Mystery for July

When I stumble upon a long running mystery series, I’m always intrigued as both a reader and a writer, about why. Why has the character lasted for so many books? To find out, I always go back and start with the first book of the series.

So, it was with Mary Anna Evans’ first book in her Faye Longchamp Mystery series, Artifacts. I was looking for a mystery with an archaeological thread, and her books were suggested by a writer in a mystery writing group I belong to.

It was a hard-to-put down story. As soon as I finished Artifacts, I read the second book, Relics, which I also recommend to anyone who likes historical elements and suspenseful mysteries with memorable stories and characters. Today, I bought book 3, Effigies, to read on vacation.

Kudos to the author! I’m fascinated by the archaeological elements in her stories and thoroughly engaged with her storytelling approach. Since a thirteen book popular series essentially speaks for itself. I’m looking forward to reading them all.

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