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  • Nan Russell

My Favorite Political/Legal Thriller for October

I picked up Stacey Abrams’ novel, While Justice Sleeps, out of curiosity. I was wondering if someone so well-known in the political arena would be a talented thriller writer, too. My answer is a definite yes!

I like thrillers that are fast paced with strong characters, full of surprises, and offer me a vantage point into places or situations outside my normal sphere. In this case the U.S. Supreme Court.

While Justice Sleeps is Book 1 in Abrams’ Avery Keene series, I liked it so much that I immediately read Book 2 – Rogue Justice. If you like legal and/or political thrillers, I recommend either, or both, of these twisty, gritty, page-turning legal/political thrillers.

About the author - Stacey Abrams | Penguin Random House About the books –


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