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  • Nan Russell

My Favorite Non-Fiction Book for December

Sometimes I want a book that makes me laugh or transports me to another world; one that immerses me in a time, place, or situation that’s new to me or brings a different perspective or experience.

Sometimes I want to see if I can solve the mystery, figure out the character’s motive, or catch a glimpse of someone else’s life. Sometimes I want to be inspired or ponder thought-provoking wisdom or try something new.


And then there are times when I specifically seek a book that will increase my understanding about a topic, calm my fears, challenge my thinking, explore historical facts, or educate me. This month, my favorite non-fiction book was all of that.


Rachel Maddow’s newly released book, Prequel, is, I believe, a good choice any time if you’re interested in history and the preservation of democracy. But it’s a great choice for these times.  


In the words of The Washington Post: “Maddow makes clear that the crisis we face today is not new and that this realization should give us hope – because previous generations have faced this threat and overcome it.”



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