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"Nan Russell has done it again! The Titleless Leader follows her wonderful book, Hitting your Stride, and has the same positive, engaging, healthy, motivating spirit."

Professor Michael Kroth, Ph.D., coauthor of Managing the Mobile Workforce

"An extraordinary resource for both individuals and organizations struggling to thrive in today's economy.  

Jeff Lindeman, Senior Director, Organizational Performance & Development

About the Book

How people work, communicate, collaborate, and manage responsibilities has changed. Knowing how to create natural followership, build influence, and lead others without title or authority, no matter your role, is a workplace necessity. To do that effectively requires a new kind of leadership: the titleless kind.

No one needs to appoint you, promote you, or nominate you. You decide. It’s not rank that gets you results, it’s actions. In The Titleless Leader, you will discover uncommon behaviors that enable you to:

  • Operate with the new workplace currency of trust in an era of distrust and growing cynicism

  • Activate your titleless leadership practice by using what-does-it-look-like approaches, and how-does-it-happen tips, exercises, and insights

  • Engage yourself and others using the cornerstones of self-alignment, soul-courage, possibility seeds, and winning philosophies.

The Titleless Leader is about your future at work. Using these approaches, you’ll heighten your career and discover the easy way to get things done.

If you’d like a signed copy of one or more of my books, you can purchase them here.

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