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Nan Russell

Apr 26, 2012

Why did I write this book?

My new book, The Titleless Leader: How to Get Things Done When You're Not in Charge, published by Career Press, officially launches May 22, 2012. Why did I write this book? 

In the last year, I've been in dozens of states, worked with numerous companies, and spoken to thousands of employees. My perspective is this: the majority of workplaces haven't been "all right" for some time.

Discretionary efforts are tamed, ideas are shelved in heads, and interest in work has waned at a time when intellectual property and initiative are competitive necessities leaders can't buy with just a paycheck. And a leader mentality that "they" should be happy that "they" even have a job is hardly a model for inspiring more than basic effort.

Here's the bottom line: we collectively have a choice. We can continue the de-motivating spiral of self-indulgent unaligned leaders, or we can decide to create tomorrow's workplaces through a new kind of leadership. It's the kind that doesn't come with a title. It's not determined by rank or responsibilities or title. No one needs to appoint you, promote you, or nominate you. You decide. I call it - titleless leadership.

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