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Nan Russell

Jun 10, 2012

Do we need titleless leaders?

There are 3 reasons why being a titleless leader matters:

Necessity. The workplace has changed. Knowing how to build influence and lead without title and authority, no matter your role, is now a workplace necessity. Do any apply ...

  • Are you asked to do more with less?

  • Are you expected to get results from people who don't report to you?

  • Do you need to lead cross-functional or generationally diverse teams? Do you find it difficult to get others to respond or meet requests?

  • Are you frustrated by organizational politics or maneuvering through bureaucracy?

It's no longer about your title. How people see leaders has changed. Leader credibility if down and the trust deficit exists not only in Washington, D.C. The recent recession and economic crisis have accelerated shifts in how people view their work and their leaders. Studies confirm what many of us see -- no longer are title and authority the driving force behind results.

  • "Those who lead in today's workplaces won't get followers just because their titles say they should. Employees decide to whom they'll give their ideas, enthusiasm, and commitment." From The Titleless Leader.

Impacting the greater good. You can personally get better results and help to evolve the workplace as we know it. You see, the future you want starts by owning a piece of it. See - Why is it Important to be a Leader?

Why wait for your organizational culture to evolve? By being a titleless leader, you can rebuild trust, create your own pocket of excellence where people can show up and do great-work, and you can reignite your own passion.

Yet, why bother to lead from the position you're in? Well, in addition to contributing to the greater good and getting great personal results, in my way of thinking, our "work" is about becoming who we are capable of becoming. So, what are we waiting for?

More tips in my book, The Titleless Leader: How to Get Things Done When You're Not in Charge

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