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Nan Russell

Feb 20, 2013

Coaching-Tweets for Titleless Leaders

Generally, I like twitter. I find it a fun and interesting way to offer and receive info-tidbits, connect with and learn from others, and put a virtual toe into a river of trending happenings or information.

If you want to be a titleless leader, consider these a week of coaching-tweet reminders from me to you:

  1. Ask yourself: How can I be of service? How can I best support the work and efforts here?

  2. Your words matter. Use them carefully. Don't forget, please, thank you, and good morning.

  3. Paint a word picture of what you want achieved. Help people "see it" -- then they can do it.

  4. Don't "hire" hands or heads or voices to do what needs to be done, engage the whole person.

  5. The law of reciprocity is at work: You get what you give. You get respect by giving respect; trust by giving trust.

  6. Relationships matter. It's relationships that sustain us and get us through. Nurture yours.

  7. If you show up and offer the best of who you are to your work, it raises the bar for others to do the same. Start there.

Interested in more Titleless leaders tips? Check out my new article in Forbes: "Six Ways To Get Things Done When You're Not the Boss."

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