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About the Book

From results of a reader survey from my column "Winning at Working," this book was born. I discovered the most common work problems were related to something I call not enough. Not enough time, not enough resources, not enough people, not enough training, not enough leadership – you get the picture. It got me thinking. What could I share? What could I do to help? Or possibly, what could I do to inspire others to consider their work challenges from a different or a new perspective?

In Nibble Your Way to Success, you’ll find a collection of real-world, proven career insights and tips, you can use right now to make a career difference. The tips are quick and easy to digest. You can read them individually, a couple at a time, when you need a burst of inspirations or a new way of thinking about a familiar problem.

It’s often the simple things that make a big difference at work. The tips in this book can help you find the time you’ve lost for your life, capture your boss’s or clients’ attention, or take charge of your career in just minutes a day. It offers common sense, but uncommon practices to help you achieve big results with little changes to get the results you want for your work, life, and future.

If you’d like a signed copy of one or more of my books, you can purchase them here.

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