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"Some people talk about what they want to achieve but remain wishing and hoping. Others, like Nan Russell, quietly do it, achieving their life's dreams one step at a time. Nan will inspire you to realize your dreams, too."

Doug Briggs, former QVC President / CEO

About the Book

These are challenging times at work. How you “show up” will make a difference in the results you get. Key to doing that is bringing the best of who you are – your authentic self – to the workplace. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

In Hitting Your Stride, you’ll find common sense, but uncommon practices that enable
you to:

  • Create your own luck

  • Develop your own special talents and uniqueness

  • Achieve a job you feel passionate about

  • Seek balance and flexibility in your work and life

  • Avoid mistakes and overcome disappointment

  • Earn financial rewards and invest in your future

Hitting Your Stride will help you find career success and satisfaction by inspiring you to define and follow your own path and your own style – Your Work, Your Way.

If you’d like a signed copy of one or more of my books, you can purchase them here.

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