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Book lover. Lifelong writer. Non-fiction author. Cozy mystery writer.

It's taken decades for me to understand that I'm a writer. Not because I write books, columns, articles, and blogs, but because writing is how I take-in and process my world. As if housed in my DNA, writing helps me discover what I think or feel or dream; it helps me make sense of what happens or doesn't happen. Just like my musician father shared his soul through music, writing gives voice to mine. As an introvert, it enables me to express my thoughts and ideas. Being a writer isn't what I do, it's who I am. And it's different from being an author. Not because of being published, but being public. All my life I've been a writer. Yet, having people read my work still has a vulnerability that comes with sharing.


In the scheme of things, I only found my voice with help. From an eighth-grade teacher who planted possibility seeds of what I could do, to my mother who painstakingly corrected my spelling and grammar as a child; from bosses and colleagues who gave me opportunities to develop my skills, to friends and family who believed in my dreams; from readers who encouraged me, to my husband who picked me up after setbacks, I'm an author because you helped me become one. Thank you for being part of my journey and helping to share my non-fiction work. ​As my writing expands to include fiction, I hope you'll find my stories worthy of your interest. 

Why I write

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Nan Schindler Russell

"I'm just going to write because I can't help it." ~ Charlotte Bronte

"Writing is the only thing, that when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else." ~ Gloria Steinem

"Write what should not be forgotten" 
~ Isabel Allende

My work is dedicated to all who encouraged, taught, assisted, and enlightened me along the way. 
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