Nan S. Russell
Author & Speaker

I believe …
"While wishing and hoping makes you a dreamer,
acting and doing makes you someone
who can turn dreams into reality."

Current musings / blog

While an eclectic array of thoughts comprise current musings, this is also the place to find my Winning at Working and In the Scheme of Things regular pieces. You’ll find leadership, trust, communication, business, and career oriented tips and information here as well.

A bit about me / Nan S. Russell

It’s taken a few decades for me to understand that I am a writer. I’m not a writer because I write books, or articles or blogs, but because writing is how I “take-in” and process my world.

Discover / books & more

You'll find real-world tips, perspectives, and uncommon sense in my books along with a bit of inspiration. My goal is to be a catalyst of sorts, helping people see what it "looks like" – what works at work today – so they can achieve the results and goals they want.