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About the book

“Nan’s book The Titleless Leader is inspiring, enlightening and engaging! It is so refreshingly different from other management/leadership books that work to get you to be someone you are not. Nan’s book inspires you to be your best-self, your authentic-self and build your leadership skills from your center – from the best of who you are! This book is for anyone who is desirous of being a successful leader in the contemporary workplace; however I would most especially recommend it for college students anxious to find their way as they embark on their business careers – I am confident it would be one of their most valuable tools for a successful and fulfilling career!” ~ Trisha C. Biggs MBA, SPHR, CPC, Lead Instructor Human Resources & Business Administration, Montana State University, College of Technology

“As a young professional, the exercises in The Titleless Leader confronted me with the negative behaviors that may have prevented me from achieving true leadership in the past. But along with the critique, came encouragement of the actions and thinking that were getting me to a place of success. I recognize that if I continue to let go of the bad habits and take positive action, like Nan suggests, I’ll be able to achieve more than I thought possible – regardless of the amount of power I hold.” ~ Kimberly Pelkofsky, Architectural Professional, University at Buffalo, class of 2005

“Nan Russell has done it again! The Titleless Leader follows her wonderful book, Hitting Your Stride, and has the same positive, encouraging, healthy, motivating spirit. With insightful chapters like “Dependable Politics,” “Painting Pictures,” and “Becoming an Independent Thinker,” you will find stories, examples, and “how-to’s” on every page. This is one you need in your library, and in your life.” ~ Michael Kroth, Ph.D. has written or co-authored four books including his latest, Managing the Mobile Workforce: Leading, Building, and Sustaining Virtual Teams, co-authored with David Clemons.

“When I was first asked to provide a comment for Nan’s new book, I was a little worried that I’d be reading yet another lofty, abstract book about leadership. I was pleasantly surprised to find an accessible, thoughtful, and useful book that combines organizational theory and real-world stories with practical tips and tools. Integrating individual and organizational perspectives, The Titleless Leader offers something for everyone – established executives, up-and-coming managers, leaders of peer groups, and entry-level workers can all find something to use today. Thank you, Nan, for creating this useful resource that really captures your “voice” and thoughtful approach to organizational work!” ~ Ned Cooney, Consultant and Facilitator to Nonprofits, Public Agencies, Business and Community Groups

“Nan Russell’s new book, The Titleless Leader, is an extraordinary resource for both individuals and organizations struggling to thrive in today’s economy. Contemporary challenges require a 21st century leadership framework, which Nan has gifted to us all through this book. Today’s workforce must be engaged, aligned, and collaboratively leading themselves and each other in order to move organizations from a model of surviving to thriving; the ingredients required for this success are within Nan’s well written book.” ~ Jeff Lindeman, Senior Director, Organizational Performance & Development, Transportation Industry; President, San Diego SHRM

“My philosophy is we are all leaders. The question is, are we leading effectively? Nan Russell has captured the essence of leadership, including; operating with trust, helping others thrive, valuing differences, influencing versus controlling, building relationships and cornerstone behaviors that are all essential to the leadership role. This book will provide you the tools you need to be the leader that others want to follow, regardless of your title.” ~ Peggy Vasquez, Chief Executive Assistant, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

About the author

“Nan has an uncommon and comprehensive understanding of the workplace. Her talent is embracing and encouraging the diverse gifts of every member of the team, a proven formula for success and a genuine approach to leadership.” ~ Marlene Robinson, Director, QVC Production Services

“Nan Russell is about helping others bring the best of who they are to their work. Her workplace insights are practical and provide real-world information that will positively affect anyone’s results.” ~ Faye W. Kurren, President & CEO, Hawaii Dental Service

“Nan Russell was critical in my human resources career and someone that I hold in the absolute highest regard; someone who is really special within the world of management and HR.” ~ William Strahan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Comcast