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About the book

“The book was extremely thought provoking, and Nan Russell nails it when she says that trust is a strategic imperative. It is all about giving trust, tuning into people and helping the team to succeed. Trust, Inc., really challenged me to reflect on my own perceptions of trust, understand the needs of others, create a framework to build stronger genuine relationships (both personally and professionally), and to be a more effective leader!” ~ Jeffrey Buell, Vice President Customer Experience, Comcast

“Nan gets to the foundational core of why employees disengage in today’s workforce. She’s outlined a simple and powerful approach for employers on how to reengage their most valuable asset. This is a must read for all employers who want to impact their bottom line.” ~ Mora McCarthy, Business Resource Consultant, Montana Dept of Labor & Industry, Workforce Services Division

Trust, Inc. helped me to identify the part I play in elevating trust to help cultivate a more creative and innovative project team. Nan’s writing style, with real world examples, immediately painted a picture of today with hope for tomorrow. This book is honest, engaging and calls for insight to help cultivate trust in our teams. I have tangible action items that I can incorporate into my daily work life to build better software products with happier, more fulfilled team members.” ~ G. Young, Sr. Project Manager

Trust, Inc. is filled with so many great thoughts, ideas, and tools that I think would be useful for a boss of any kind … or really anyone that works with other people.” ~ Paul W. King III, Production Manager, Specialty Food Merchandising

Trust Inc. is so much more than the title suggests! It will challenge your intellect, touch you emotionally and open your eyes to how you can change yourself and those around you in a meaningful, powerful way. Reading Nan’s book will undoubtedly propel you to a higher understanding of the why and the how of authentic work relationships. It is truly humbling and emotionally moving to find a piece of writing so electrifying in its wisdom.” ~Peter Krajeski, HR Manager, PA Leadership Charter School,

About the author

“I would trust Nan Russell to drive ‘My Bus’ with myself and all of my team with me to anywhere in the world.” ~ Diane Hennessy, Store Manager, Macy’s Leadership Award Winner

“I have followed Nan’s writings for years and always look forward to her next article or book. Nan has a way of giving real life, practical examples anyone can relate to and helps you come to your own insights by seeing an experience through her reflections.” ~ Eleanor Gathany, GPHR, Sr. Regional HR Leader, Amazon

““Nan Russell is a leader who feeds the passion in all who work with her. She has the ability to bring out the very best in everyone she comes in contact with.” ~ Gloria S. Baladez, Manager HR Operations and Experience, QVC