Nan S. Russell
Author & Speaker

People Talking – It’s Not About Time

About the book

“For all you busy-holics out there, THIS book is your wake up call! This is not another cheesy self-help book, but a call to action to take back control over your life. Nan’s experience-driven insights inspire you to step back & reassess the energy you are putting into areas that aren’t serving your soul. A must read for aspiring dream-makers, make-it-happeners, and life-maximizers of the world!” ~ Hannah Bise, Director of HR & Employee Development, Daydreamer Concepts

“I LOVE this book! It really is a life-changer! As someone who never has a shorter to-do list at the end of a day, this book offers a new and insightful perspective in how we spend our lives. It is definitely a must-read for anyone who wants to accomplish something in today’s frantically busy days. Nan puts the pieces of the puzzle together for anyone who wants to accomplish something with their life vs. just surviving. Most of us try to accomplish so much in a day, and fail. Nan helps you see how to manage yourself, an important step beyond merely managing your time.” ~ Susan P. Joyce, Publisher,

“There is no shortage of SMART “how to” books about time management – books about how to wring every drop of productivity out of our crowded calendars, and books about how our constant connectivity ultimately hurts us. What Nan Russell delivers here is much more important. It is a WISE book about aligning our dearest resource – our time – with our deepest personal values and professional aspirations. Using current research, touching personal stories, and pitch-perfect quotes you will find both compelling best practices to “read today and use tomorrow” and reflective exercises to help you fully understand what you value most. It’s Not About Time is both a clear-eyed dismantling of some pervasive workplace misconceptions (for example equating busyness with productivity or high stress with high standing) and, more importantly, a powerful argument for each of us to begin self-managing our lives. At its best, this book is a siren call to bring our values to bear on the world around us in a judicious way that is both salt-of-the-earth humble and deeply empowering – because your dreams are unique to you, and if you don’t MAKE THE TIME to operationalize them, no one else will ever know they existed.” ~ Jacob Perlmutter, Principal, Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science

“Startup founders suffer from indigestion not starvation as time management is the one area that EVERY founder struggles with. Nan has written a great book that addresses this with a perfect balance of intellectual curiosity and actionable advice. Read on startup nation and place yourself in a better position to achieve success.” ~ Chris Heivly, Startup Founder, Investor, Mentor

“This book will help you achieve Peace of Mind. Nan’s informative yet comfortable writing style, similar to her earlier books, will offer wisdom and insight into managing your own self – not worrying about getting the latest fashionable time-saving tools. You do not need to attend the latest multi-tasking time management workshop, or get that latest fad app for your cell phone. It’s not about time, but it is about doing what is important in your own personal life. Reading and understanding that doing what you truly want to do is so much more rewarding than struggling, trying to achieve it all. Reality will set in: there will never be enough time. You will understand that living a productive present and planning for your own personal desired future is your most positive step toward time management freedom.” ~ Vic Picinich, MBA PMP; former college instructor, author, and computer professional; now using his time better to enjoy life as a professional bus driver and father to his three sons.

You’ll never look at your day in the same way again. Readers will glean specific strategies, tactics, and self-managing behaviors to enable results, increase effectiveness, and enhance well-being. It’s Not About Time offers real-world how-tos, reflective exercises, and tips that yield higher returns on invested time, insights about the choices we make, and periodic doses of “tough-love” peppered with reality trends. ~ Donna Cutting author of 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers and The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red Carpet Customer Service

“Nan Russell’s It’s Not About Time is one of the most inspiring and refreshing books I’ve read in ages! Thoughtfully written and well-researched, this book is a great reminder that claiming ownership of our lives is fundamentally about self-management, not time-management. For all of us striving to fulfill our human potential, there will always be more to do than there are hours in the day, and where “productivity hacks” and flashy organizational systems ultimately fall short, Nan’s approach is one that promises to withstand the test of time, while also being practically useful and personally empowering.”
~ Danielle Harlan, PhD Founder & CEO, the Center for Advancing Leadership and Human Potential

About the author

“Nan Russell is the consummate professional with a deep, abiding commitment to healthy, productive workplaces. I have the privilege of knowing her and watching her share her wisdom and expertise in a variety of settings. Her passion for authentic connection, trust, and well-being along with her talent writing about what matters has a powerful impact on all who she touches. Her writing is both profound and practical. She is one of a kind.” ~ Rebecca Johns CPCC, CTPC, Personal and Professional Development Coach, New Directions, Inc.

“Nan is driven to get results, and her strength and passion in doing so is evident in her own successful career path from corporate executive to author, speaker and consultant. Nan’s ability to filter and prioritize the day-to-day noise that bombards us, is inspiring and motivating.” ~ Amy Giampietro, Communications Professional

“Reading Nan Russell gave me a valuable arsenal of tools to use for influencing my peers and managing up. Her insights on the workplace are an irreplaceable resource for anyone trying to lead in place and build credibility, all while being their truest self. Nan uses natural language that’s free of business-speak, so get ready for a great read.” ~ Stacy Friedman, Instructional Designer, Bonneville Power Administration

“Nan is the perfect author for this book and its message. She has consistently in her life and work been able to sift through the morass of incoming information to determine and work toward her priorities and values. And she does this with apparent equanimity, creating for herself a purposeful world in which she meets and exceeds expectations and deadlines, while maintaining unsurpassed quality.” ~ Marianne Kaplan, Founder & Principal Consultant, Kaplan Consulting Network, LLC