Nan S. Russell
Author & Speaker

About the Book – It’s Not About Time

We have a time problem, but not the one we think. We want to manage it, control it, spend it, waste it, make it, measure it, and invest it. We even complain that we don’t have enough of it. It’s as if “being busy” is a new badge of importance, and the “busiest” person wins some imaginary competition.

It’s Not About Time tackles that topic and others, while addressing the central question: Why do some people achieve their career or business goals, maximize their results, and even accomplish their dreams while others tread water is a sea of busyness? The answer isn’t better time-management, but rather, reflective and integrated from the inside-out, self-management.

How do you know the difference? Look for observable behaviors, keeping in mind time-management is a skill that self-managing people have, but they go steps beyond. Here’s a glimpse:

Time-managing Self-managing
  • How busy are you
  • How much you do
  • Dealing with what happens
  • Treat the symptoms
  • How productive you are
  • Get things done
  • Spend time
  • Seek balance
  • Responsible
  • How effective are you
  • The results you get
  • Making things happen
  • Fix the problems
  • How engaged you are
  • Get the right things done
  • Invest time
  • Make own balance / well-being
  • Accountable

Achieving what you want at work and in life, and thriving in the process goes beyond time. Readers will glean specific strategies, tactics, and self-managing behaviors to enable results, increase effectiveness, and enhance well-being. It’s Not About Time offers real-world how-tos, reflective exercises, and tips that yield higher returns on invested time, insights about the choices we make, and periodic doses of “tough-love” peppered with reality trends.

Donna Cutting, Founder & CEO of Red-Carpet Learning Systems and author of two books said this about It’s Not About Time:

“You’ll never look at your day the same way again.”