Nan S. Russell
Author & Speaker

About the book – Hitting Your Stride

These are challenging times at work. How you “show up” will make a difference in the results you get. Key to doing that is bringing the best of who you are – your authentic self – to the workplace. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

In Hitting Your Stride, you’ll find common sense, but uncommon practices that enable you to:

  • Create your own luck
  • Develop your own special talents and uniqueness
  • Achieve a job you feel passionate about
  • Seek balance and flexibility in your work and life
  • Avoid mistakes and overcome disappointment
  • Earn financial rewards and invest in your future

Explore Ten Winning at Working Ways

  • Creating Your Own Luck
  • Don’t Be Blowing in the Wind
  • Seeing the Elephant
  • The Stories You Tell
  • It’s Not About You
  • It’s All About You
  • Bringing Yourself to Work
  • A Practice of Trust
  • Shades of Grey
  • Waking Up

Hitting Your Stride will help you find career success and satisfaction by inspiring you to define and follow your own path and your own style – Your Work, Your Way.

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