Thoughts about time …

Why is Baby Yoda reading my book:  It’s Not About Time?  Maybe he agrees with me that how we use time reflects who and what we value. 

Today’s musings | My favorite thought about time is from Superman actor, Christopher Reeve, who at 43 suffered a fall from a horse, leaving him a paraplegic and reducing his lifespan. “All time is sacred time,” he said. While there are days I need reminding, I do think of time that way, in the sense of cherished and blessed to have. It’s a gift denied many, like the brother-in-law I never knew who died at fifteen. Above a bookcase in my office, a plaque nudges me to consider time’s non-renewable status this way: “Enjoy this moment … for this moment is your life.” And while all moments cannot be enjoyed, it is still the moments, of the good and bad times, that make a life.

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