Moving Through Job Loss: my eBook gift to you

Job loss in good times is a disturbing, distressing experience. But these are not good times. Economic upheaval, social unrest, a deadly worldwide pandemic, and uncertainty about the future brings with it individual and collective psychological trauma.

Everyone’s job loss experience is different, even if it resulted from a similar event — e.g. economic upheaval during 2020 Pandemic, corporate acquisition, leadership change, etc. While such an event may be the catalyst, our situation, finances, goals, skills, and motivation are as individual as we are.

While my experience is different from yours, my interest in job loss impact began early. I was fired from my first professional job and experienced the emotional upheaval and reduced self-esteem job loss triggers.

No matter how it happens, job loss impacts us on many levels. Some we can see, such as diminished financial well-being, sleep interruptions, and reduced energy. And some we can’t see. Either way, how we appear on the outside may be vastly different from our inner world and well-being.

This eBook was born from that latter vantage point — the inner impact of job loss. I’ve worked with hundreds of people through the years, including during and after the Great Recession, to help them bring the best of who they are to their work and life. My role is as a catalyst, helping people find and use their own good wisdom.

I don’t pretend to have the answers, nor do I profess to understand anyone’s individual challenges or circumstances. I don’t intend my words as some magical antidote for the emotional pain that job loss brings. Rather, I’m offering a few thoughts and ideas from a spirit of community. I believe it’s only when we’re all winning that we truly all win. It is from that personal philosophy this book was written. Download here.

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