6 Simple Ways to Live in the Moment

I’m a colleague of Nan’s. I sometimes post on Current Musings about work, life and the blending of the two. Last week I found myself driving the winding back roads on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania. It was that unique time of day when the moon is descending and the sun is rising. It felt eerie and tranquil at the same time. As I pulled into a local diner for breakfast, I saw a few groups of men having coffee through the window. I opened the door and was greeted with “Good Morning what’ll you have, coffee is hot.” In the next hour, I was reminded again and again of the benefits of living in the present. I guess you could say I had one of those ‘ahah’ moments.

So, here are a few of my favorite reminders of how to live in the moment:

  • Think of time for what it is – a human concept. The watch on your wrist and the clock on the wall mean nothing to Mother Nature. To her, life is one evolving moment – a perpetual cycle of interdependent impermanence.
  • Pay attention to the small things – notice the world around you. Be thankful for the small things like eating ice cream, listening to music, or realizing you have more time to sleep.
  • Smile – look in the mirror and smile; it can influence how you feel. It will make you happier and help you appreciate the moment.
  • Perform random acts of kindness – selfless acts that help others. One of the easiest lessons for how to live in the moment is to do something for someone else without expecting anything in return.
  • Give thanks – Be thankful. Every now and then take stock of just how good you have it. Express your gratitude in the moment when you feel it.
  • Don’t worry – much harder to do than it sounds. Worrying today won’t change what happens tomorrow. Every second you spend in worry about the future is a second of the present wasted.

With the constant 24/7 noise bombarding us, sometimes we become weary and distracted without knowing it.  Reminders are a great way to get unstuck and moving in the right direction. Whatever that is for you. I know I needed one that morning!

Until next time take good care and be safe out there.