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I’m a colleague of Nan’s. It’s been several months since I posted on Current Musings. With cooler temperatures and a new school calendar starting; I thought it a perfect time to share what’s on my mind and perhaps yours.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this week with a lengthy to-do list, changing schedules and pressing work deadlines. I need to get grounded quickly. So, I picked up Nan’s most recent book, It’s Not About Time – How to Thrive and Get the Results You Want at Work and in Life for some perspective and real-world tips. Skimming the table of contents, Chapter 1 – What Do You Want? and the specific topic of Self-Management grabbed my attention.

What is Self-Management? The Olympic swimmer, author Sarah Connors describes it like this, “Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is  (continue reading →)

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Twelve minutes before I was to speak to a large group in a hotel ballroom, I was struggling with A/V equipment. With hundreds of presentations under my belt, I’m accustomed to glitches, but no matter what I tried my presentation wouldn’t project.

Hailing the meeting planner, he did his magic and within minutes an A/V tech arrived with another projector. That, too, failed and with five minutes remaining, he began troubleshooting each part of the set-up; I began rearranging my opening to buy more time. There was no need. The projector wasn’t the problem, the cord was. I was up and running with two minutes to spare.

But, this isn’t a story about A/V problems. It’s a story about two kinds of people.

At the end of my session, the technician returned to pack the equipment, putting the defective cord into the box with the projector. Thinking he forgot there was a problem with the cord, I reminded him.

“Yeah, I remember,” he said matter-of-factly. “But every projector has to have a cord. There are two projectors, so I need to put two cords back.” His thinking startled me. Clearly he (continue reading →)

Winning at Working 

“Nan-a!” her voice held displeasure. “You wore that last week; why do you wear that t-shirt so much?” “It’s my favorite,” I told my 7-year-old granddaughter. “I got it on our first Hawaii vacation when your dad was just a teenager.” I didn’t tell her I bought it when my optimism about people and the world was intact; a time when I was idealistic, or naïve, depending on perspective. In the years since, reality cracks, weathered-edges, and life experiences have augmented and enhanced my views.

Still, that t-shirt is my favorite; not because of its decades-old fabric, although I love its soft feel, and not because it holds memories of exploring Volcano National Park as a young family. No. This worn, turquoise patterned t-shirt is my favorite because it speaks to me.

“No Rain — No Rainbows” the front reads, with “Kimos Rules” on the back — everything from “Never judge a day by the weather” to “The best things in life aren’t things.” The front words are the ones that give me pause, serving their magic in the form of a nudge for me to keep my perspective; to remember life’s rainbows in times of rain.

Certainly life events shape us. As a child, having a fire destroy our home in the middle of the night created my need to (continue reading →)

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