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This is name of Chapter 4 of my new book, It’s Not About Time – How to Thrive and Get the Results You Want at Work and in Life! 

We know you can’t literally ‘make time’. But you can embrace the practice of shifting your priorities to create more time to do what matters to you. Making time is ultimately about making choices. And all choices have trade-offs.

Here are three questions to ask yourself about time and your choices:

What time is yours?

What do your choices reflect?

What would you trade?

Once you discover the answers you can start to ‘make time’ for what matters to you.

Learn more about how to make time for what matters to you, or try a sample chapter.

It's Not About Time 

During The Great Recession, thanks to frequent-flyer points and a vacation club exchange, we spent a week in Hawaii for the cost of a rental car and food. While a fun and relaxing vacation, it was strange to be at an ocean-front Maui resort during peak tourist season, without the tourists. Several restaurants on this forty-acre property were even closed.

The bellman who showed us around told us he’d been working at the resort for 11 years and hadn’t seen anything like it. “I used to work full-time,” he told us. “Now I’m on a rotation with 16 others and lucky to get one day a week. I’m not sure how I can make it, even with unemployment.”

In comparison to that distressed bellman, on the last evening of vacation we chatted with a man who delivered our room service, commenting to him about the empty hotel. “Oh,” he said. “It’s kind of nice. I see this like a mini-vacation. I know it’ll pick up, and if not, I have some other things in the works.”

These were contrasting reactions to the same event. The bellman felt powerless and stressed-out while the room service staffer was calm and taking action. It reminded me of an experiment discussed in Time magazine about stress. In the experiment, (continue reading →)

Winning at Working 

Recently I bought a Samsung 8, replacing my Samsung 4 that I purchased new in 2013. I’m not, as one would say, an early adopter. My husband claims me converting to a new phone was a “hard birth” for him, comparing it to when our son was born after my 22 hours of labor followed by a C-section. I didn’t buy his comparison.

I love technology. Really, I do. I love that what took 20 minutes to look up in a reference book when I was young, now takes less that 20 seconds if you Ask Google or query Suri. I love punching in a location and being guided to the right location. And I especially love content at my finger tips that sparks my thinking, creativity, and curiosity.

While I’m an avid and passionate user, I’m not much for replacing technology. It’s not that I don’t like it once I get used to it, but I don’t like to get used to it. In my new phone’s case, I contemplated returning it after just one highly charged, frustrating, not-knowing-how day.

I didn’t. Instead, I (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things, Life