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Life happens with or without our participation in it. By holding back engagement you lose the joy, love, and opportunities it holds, simply because they’re not the ones you seek.


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I’m on the radio show, “Thank God For Monday” with Brother Greg – Saturday, March 11 @ 8:30 AM EST – discussing my new book It’s Not About Time. 

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It was one of those unwanted travel days. Stuck overnight in an interim city after a canceled flight from arctic weather, we were in second-day clothes. Using provided airline kits to brush our teeth and hair, we attempted to create some look of presentability.

Our day was spent waiting to hear if flights resumed, while working in a darkened hotel hallway after room check-out. By the time we took the late afternoon shuttle to the airport, all we wanted was to get home. Several hours later, we did.

Anxious to collect luggage and head home to warm showers, we found ourselves instead waiting in a long line to report missing luggage. I couldn’t help hearing the conversation behind me between a father and (continue reading →)

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