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The 40 hour workweek is a myth for the majority of people who work full-time for two reasons. First, sometimes we have to work more, and second, sometimes we want to. When I’m writing a book or working on a new project, I rarely notice the hours. I’m focused, engaged, and challenged. I’m working early, I’m working late, and I’m grabbing every minute I can. But when I have to do something I’m not interested in, it’s different.

It’s not always the number of hours we work that matters, it’s why we’re putting them in. Gallup researchers note: “Highly engaged workers who log well over 40 hours will still have better overall well-being than actively disengaged workers who clock out at 40 hours.”

It’s a myth to assume long hours means less well-being. Just like it’s a myth that we’re working longer hours than ever before, or that this generation is (continue reading →)

It's Not About Time, Winning at Working 

While living in Montana’s Flathead Valley, there were years when significant construction happened in our development. Some days the hammering echoed hard against the mountain slopes making it was hard to tune out; other days the sounds were muted. One year we were stuck in the middle — construction one lot away on one side and two lots away on the other.

Both houses started their foundations the same month, and their evolution intrigued me. Not for the construction interest per se, but as a glimpse into differing styles. The house to the right plodded along with one or two people periodically showing up on any given day to do work; then nothing for weeks. By contrast, the second house swarmed with crews Monday through Thursday.

The first builder wasn’t in a hurry it seemed, while the second couldn’t move fast enough. Their contrasting styles reminded me how some of us can (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things 

It's Not About Time