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WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you want to halt the busyness commandeering your life? Replace overwhelmed with control and balance? Or maybe you’d like to have more time with the people and endeavors that matter to you? Perhaps you’d like to explore, discover, and embrace life’s wonders? Or, write that book, coach your child’s soccer team, volunteer in the community, reach career aspirations, go back to school, start your own business, or exercise more?

Think hard. What do you want? Do you want to be engaged in your life’s work, live well, feel great, share joys with the love of your life, raise wonderful children, contribute to your community, change the world or at least your part of it, and live your life’s potential? Don’t we all!

Sure, in the big scheme of things we do want those things, or ones like them. But in a world-of-overwhelmed, that seems too lofty. Maybe what you want, right now, is just more sleep, a walk in the woods, or an uninterrupted conversation with a friend? Or maybe it’s time to organize that closet that’s bugging you, read the novel you got for your birthday, or experience two unscheduled hours to do whatever you’d like?

The reality is our wants and our time demands collide. Like the ebb and flow of life, the time we have (continue reading →)

It's Not About Time