It’s Not About Time – January 2017 Publication Date

russell-frontcover-copyMy new book will be out in January. Here’s a preview:

What’s it about? Achieving what you want at work and in life, and thriving in the process, goes beyond time. Readers will glean specific strategies, tactics, and self-managing behaviors to enable results, increase effectiveness, and enhance well-being. It’s Not About Time offers real-world how-tos, reflective exercises, and tips that yield higher returns on invested time, insights about the choices we make, and periodic doses of “tough-love” peppered with reality trends.

What are people saying? “For all you busy-holics out there, THIS book is your wake up call! This is not another cheesy self-help book, but a call to action to take back control over your life. Nan’s experience driven insights inspires you to step back & reassess the energy you are putting into areas that aren’t serving your soul. A must read for aspiring dream-makers, make-it-happeners, and life-maximizers of the world!” —HANNAH BISE, Director of HR & Employee Development, Daydreamer Concepts