9/11 – In Our Hearts and Minds

As a colleague of Nan’s I regularly post here. I look forward to sharing real-world insights, tips and practices about work or thoughtful reflections on life; like this one.

It’s been 15 years this month since the New York skyline was permanently altered and the lives of thousands were sadly forever changed. flagLike many of you, it’s the day I could no longer say to my son and daughter they were safe with certainty. The first time we traveled across the Verrazano Bridge from New Jersey to New York to visit family;  not a word was spoken in the car. There seemed to be chill that wasn’t there before. And, yes time does what time does and moves forward. Still, we are different as a nation and we are different as individuals.

So particularly this month, perhaps observe a few moments of silence, write a note to our troops or simply do something kind for your neighbor. Let us honor those who lost their lives that day many by chance and others who heroically fought to rescue survivors.

“We shall never forget. We shall keep this day; we shall keep the events and tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts and take them with us as we carry on. – The 9/11 Memorial