How You Do What You Do Matters


As a colleague of Nan’s I regularly post to Current Musings. I look forward to sharing real-world insights, tips and practices about work, life and the constant blending of the two. This one has particular significance for me.

My mom would be 97 years old this month if she were still living.  I’ve been hearing her in my head a lot lately. Most parents have their favorite phrases, specific expressions and caring ways of guiding their children. I had a bit of an attitude as a youngster. A sarcastic quip earned me a seat on the kitchen chair. Or, I knew I was in trouble when I heard my full name, Elizabeth Regina Bryan, being called. And, this frequent instruction,  “It’s not what you’re saying, it is how you are saying it, that bothers me.” Although I didn’t understand that statement then I do now. Often the success of what you’re doing and what you’re saying hinges on the how. You may be thinking, huh?

How You Do What You Do Matters

Think about colleagues and bosses in your career, some use bullying tactics, intimidation and obnoxious styles to manage their workload and teams. They are smart, successful and well-paid. By contrast, there are others who lead by example, offering encouragement, and collaboration to their work. They are also smart, successful and well-paid.

Who would you rather be working with? Who are you willing to offer your innovative ideas to? Who are you more likely to go the ‘extra mile’ for? I’m pretty certain it is the latter colleague or boss. That individual is genuine and can inspire you to bring the best you to your work. And, the good news is, it is the same in non-work relationships and life. None of us are perfect. Some days it may be harder than others; but it is the way you operate, knowing how you do what you do matters.

While my mom wasn’t a business professional, this is the how she taught me and my sister. The way I’ve taught my kids and the one I hope they will teach their children. And so on …

As Brian Tracy explains,”Everything counts! Everything you do helps or hurts, adds up or takes away.”

What does your how look like? At work … In relationships … In life?