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Against. Against. Against. It seems that’s the political model of late. What one party is for, the other is against. Even before an idea makes it to twitter or the blogosphere, opposing party pundits and candidates are railing against whatever approach is being considered.

However, before smugness gets the better of us, I’d suggest we take a closer look. The against-it-resist-it road is alive and well in most workplaces, too. Of course the labels are different. It’s not those Democrats or Republicans; it’s those employees or that management; the boss or the staff; the finance department or human resources; or the front line versus support areas.

Being against something is so much easier. We don’t have to (continue reading →)

Winning at Working 

As a teenager, I made most of my money babysitting. At least I did until I started refusing after darkThoughts jobs, limiting myself to daylight offers. Why? My thoughts got the best of me. After I put the children to bed, every noise became a potential burglar; every passing car carried the possibility of a harmful intruder. My imagination of horrible-things-that-could-happen took over.

As a young pregnant wife, I revisited that channel of imagination, thinking myself into despair. Work took my husband away during the week. By Friday, I was overwhelmed with worry about him flying home, visualizing what could happen. By Sunday, just in time for him to leave again, I’d be in a tearful state of invented dangers and irrational fears.

Negative images of what I didn’t want to happen took control of my life, filling (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things