A Leap of Faith

I’m a colleague of Nan’s. I often post here about work, life and sometimes the merging of the two. leap2

By now most of your holiday decorations are put away, gift exchanges are done and New Year’s resolutions (if you do that sorta thing) are already broken. The turning of the calendar brings a clean slate and a year of new possibilities. Yet, I am feeling stuck. There are significant tasks on my proverbial ‘to do list’ to be completed, there are relationships that still need mending, there are friends and relatives yet to be visited and there is a strong probability I could have a Valentine’s Day Tree this year. Maybe you’re feeling the same way?

The question then becomes how to move forward? Of course, the answers are as plentiful as people in the world. It is a personal choice and motivation comes from within. I’m reminded of a popular quote by American naturalist and nature essayist John Burroughs, “Leap and the net will appear.” But what is left unsaid by Burroughs is faith. Merriam-Webster defines faith as “something that is believed especially with strong conviction” and comes from the Latin word fidere – to trust. Hmm …

Today is someday as Nan would say. I need to stop wallowing and start doing. I must – leap, have faith and the net will appear. Baby steps seem like a good way to begin:

Clean out, Throw out – There is lots of opportunity here. That annoying

drawer in my kitchen where I throw everything that I don’t know what to do with? The refrigerator, there is a perfect place to clean and throw out? Or perhaps my desk at work, those piles and folders have dust on them? You get the idea, doesn’t matter what it is, just do it, as the Nike slogan says.

Mix-It Up – Doing the same things everyday has become old, boring and comfortable. Mix-it Up. Perhaps I will wear my watch on the opposite wrist? Eat a different cuisine? Drive a different way to route to work? Baby steps …

Enjoy the little things  – We all take some things for granted, perhaps even people. I know when I turn on the faucet I expect water. Flip a switch I have light. Touch a button on the radio I hear music.  Call a friend she will be there. So, what if I didn’t have expectations? What would my life look like? Feel like? I am going to enjoy the little things (that aren’t so little). And, see what happens!

So, if you are stuck like me, now is the time to have faith before January turns to February to Leap!

I would love to hear what you did to move forward and how you’re doing in the new year.