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With Christmas still two months away, my youngest granddaughter, a first-grader, was helping me Santadecide which products to promote on my online vintage jewelry shop. Her third grade sister, sitting next to me at their kitchen table in Colorado, was focused on mapping states on a new app I’d added for her on my phone.

When the youngest spied a Santa pin, she asked if she could “star” it so that it was featured at the top of my shop (Twinkling Star Vintage). From there, her talk that Saturday turned to Christmas and Santa Claus.

I was carefully parsing my words on the topic of Santa. I knew her sister no longer believed in flying reindeer and a red-coated sleigh driver, having discovered the myth by accident the previous Christmas. But, I didn’t know whether she’d shared that knowledge with her little sister.

Then it happened. She gave me (continue reading →)

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