Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

As a colleague of Nan’s I often post here about work and sometimes life. During the past several weeks, I’ve been  reconnecting with an old friend and colleague*. We’ve both had our share of life happen moments in the past decade. And, as we sat discussing some of the highs and lows of our lives; I realized how much I had missed her.

Life Happen moments can be those we choose like buying a car, getting married, having children, or ones we don’t  like a death of a family member or close friend, unexpected accidents, losing a job. All change our lives. Yet those we don’t choose, often sap our energy, self-esteem and beliefs, leaving us lost and confused. So today, I thought I’d share a few of our life lessons:inspirational-typographic-quote-every-single-thing-has-ha-beautiful-happened-your-life-preparing-you-moment-43544169

Be Curious – Remember back when you were a child and nearly every sentence began with why. And remember Curious George and his exciting adventures. Start with that wonder and inquisitiveness.

Not Helpful – Your thoughts are spiraling out of control. Imagining all the what ifs. You’re stuck. Try saying these four words – This Is Not Helpful – like a mantra. It is simple and it works.

Don’t Label It – The second you label something good or bad, your thinking and actions follow with that judgment. So, in this case just don’t label it!

Write It Down – Your worries are spinning round and round in your mind. You can’t focus. You really need to forgetaboutit. So write them on a piece of paper and place them in a jar. They’ll be there when you’re ready or may even resolve themselves.

Making Sense Is Over-rated – (My friend’s personal favorite) We all know everything in life doesn’t make sense. There is a popular phrase – It is what it is – Stop trying to make sense out of something that never will. And, move on.

Why do this?  Well, it is better than what you’re doing currently. And, we know it works. So, when life happens, and you’re ready to start refueling your energy, restoring your self-esteem and recapturing your beliefs -Try one!

I would love to hear your tips for managing when life happens.

*my friend has a lovely tea shop in Kennett Square, PA; check it out here.