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As a colleague of Nan’s I often post here about work and sometimes life. During the past several weeks, I’ve been  reconnecting with an old friend and colleague*. We’ve both had our share of life happen moments in the past decade. And, as we sat discussing some of the highs and lows of our lives; I realized how much I had missed her.

Life Happen moments can be those we choose like buying a car, getting married, having children, or ones we don’t  like a death of a family member or close friend, unexpected accidents, losing a job. All change our lives. Yet those we don’t choose, often sap our energy, self-esteem and beliefs, leaving us lost and confused. So today, I thought I’d share a few of our life lessons:inspirational-typographic-quote-every-single-thing-has-ha-beautiful-happened-your-life-preparing-you-moment-43544169

Be Curious – Remember back when you were a child and nearly every sentence began with why. And remember Curious George and his exciting adventures. Start with that wonder and inquisitiveness.

Not Helpful – Your thoughts are spiraling out of control. Imagining all the what ifs. You’re stuck. Try saying these four words – This Is Not Helpful – like a mantra. It is simple and it works.

Don’t Label It – The second you label something good (continue reading →)

Life, Tips 

emailThe subject line of the email read: “We met at …” and the name of a conference where I’d recently spoken. Thinking it was from someone who attended my session, I opened it sooner versus later. “I never heard back from you,” she wrote, “I wanted to take you to lunch or drop by your office to explain my product more.”

Since I live and work 2,000 miles from her, I knew she’d confused me with someone, or that we’d never met. I answered that I didn’t receive her first email letting her know, “I don’t remember us meeting. But, just to let you know this is not anything of interest to me or my company. Plus, I’m located in Montana.”

She emailed back with information about a Texas only service, informing me, “We met at the booth. No worries at all though.”

That trade show vendor did what many people do — they tell convenient mistruths. I know I didn’t meet her at that conference trade show because (continue reading →)

Winning at Working 

3:08 a.m. A tree branch scraping against the roof startled me awake. A half hour later, I was reP1060012 (1024x768) - Copypeating mentally “Be … Still” with each breathe in and out. It was a fall-back-asleep technique I’d adopted years ago when work pressures, elder care worries, and teenage challenges robbed my nights.

But on this night the technique failed me and the Ghost of Yesterday took over. That inner voice, chastising me that I should have finished the proposal yesterday; should have worked out more this month; should have gotten more summer projects done; should have – should have – should have. For over an hour, the reel of should-haves played vividly as yesterday’s ghost narrated where I fell short.

4:23 a.m. I’d been dozing off and on until I glanced at the house alarm panel. The light wasn’t on. Hmm. Why would that be? I’m sure I set it, didn’t I? My eyes wandered to the shadowy corner of the room, (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things