March Madness – More Than the Game

As a colleague of Nan’s I sometimes post here about work, life and sometimes both. I’m not much of a sports fan but every March, I am ‘all in’ as the popular phrase touts. March Madness – College Hoops – leather basketball isolated on a white backgroundBracket Crazy – Going to the Dance; that’s been my passion this month. And, I’ve learned there are many parallels between Sports and today’s workplaces. Like most things, some good, others not so good.

Here are 3 are good ones that come to mind:

Be for Something – So, what does this mean? Being for something requires strength of convictions and a willingness to stand up for them. When you’re for something you are full of passion, taking risks, thinking creatively and solving problems. You’ve see it on the basketball floors at the NCAA tournament. See if you can find it in your workplace? These are your colleagues who are full of ideas, self- motivated, have high energy and making valuable contributions. What do you aspire to bring about at work? Be for something.

A Dose of Discipline – According, to Merriam-Webster – discipline is instruction that molds, perfects mental and physical faculties or moral character. And, the good news is it can be learned. I believe it requires practice and repetition in your day-to-day life. Successful athletes do it all the time; it is often described as a ritual – same time, appropriate clothing, necessary equipment and scheduled activities, to name a few. Similarly in the workplace discipline is a decisive trait you’ll need to accomplish your professional goals. Where at work do you need to be more disciplined? Do that. 

More Than the Game – In sports, you know your teammates, your coaches, your competitors, and you know the goal is about scoring and winning the most games. At work, you know your colleagues, your bosses, your products or services and, it’s about making a profit, or achieving a goal or fulfilling a mission. Is that it? Can be, depends on how big a team you’re playing on. Several weeks ago, at a Big East basketball game, Seton Hall Coach, Kevin Willard said, “Guys … sometimes there’s a bigger picture in life,” … check out the full story here.

So, what Team are you playing on most days? Your department? Your division? Your company? Or are you playing on the  Bigger Team of Life? What’s working? What’s not? Do something.