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As a colleague of Nan’s, I regularly post here when things grab my attention about today’s workplwhitecraneace and sometimes, life. One of the many hats I wear is mom. And like most moms I encouraged my children, to be both independent people and to think for themselves. Not an easy task at any age, but gets particularly difficult as adults with all of life’s responsibilities, obligations and stressors.

In today’s workplaces independent thinkers are a sought after commodity for key positions. So, how do you cultivate your own thoughts? One way is to develop a daily habit of independent thinking. Here are 7 simple ideas you can start immediately: (continue reading →)

Tips, Today's Workplace 

thRLYAGE0LInstead of an early start, with time to read the news, check key messages, and write uninterruptedly for a pending project, I spent it down a rabbit hole. What I expected was a five or ten minute interruption to answer a client’s email, marked with one of those urgent exclamation points, but it took me over an hour. Before I could even send the requested information, I got an email telling me, in essence, “never mind,” the direction had changed.

Situations like this happen to all of us. Sometimes we’re sent down rabbit holes by someone we work for, or with, gobbling our time with little to show for it. But much more often, we send ourselves on our own long, winding paths, exploring offshoots and falling into semi-connected rabbit holes of links, information, and interesting “stuff.”

Responders to a 2014 “Wasting Time at Work” survey by named (continue reading →)

Today's Workplace, Winning at Working 

Column37-teaser-acresOff road in a four-wheel drive, maneuvering a 26 mile, one way, deep and narrow canyon “road” in Death Valley National Park while on vacation, my husband and I came upon Leadfield, a ghost town with a story. The town was born from a getrich-quick scheme with promises of lead and copper fueled by the Western Lead Mine Company. More than 300 people made the journey, and by 1925 Leadfield’s population was at its height.

Perhaps the advertising approach of promoter C.C. Julian hastened the town’s demise a year later. Despite the land-locked remote desert mountain town location, Wikipedia notes that the promoter’s “advertising posters showed steamboats navigating the Amargosa River to Leadfield, ignoring the fact that the Amargosa River is dry much of the time and does not run within 20 miles of Leadfield.”

As I stood near a remaining structure that day, it was easy to blame (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things 

Trust Across America 2015 Portrait - 111x134Throughout my career I’ve been interested in the topic of trust. I’ve even written a book about it called, Trust: Inc.: How to Create A Business Culture That Will Ignite Passion, Engagement, and Innovation (Career Press 2014). And also I blog for on the topic “Trust: The New Workplace Currency.

Much of the work I currently do is teaching and writing about trust and leadership. So it came as an honor and a delight this week to hear that Trust Across America named me a Top 100 Thought Leader in Trust for the second year in a row.

Trust matters. In this era (continue reading →)

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