This I Believe

As a colleague of Nan’s, I regularly post here when things grab my attention about today’s workplace and sometimes, life. A few years ago, I helped a close friend move to a new home. While packing some of her cherished books, I stumbled upon: This I Believe written in Association with NPR. I did my usual quick flip through and then put it aside to read later. Since then, I’ve picked it up a few times. It is a collection of personal philosophies of remarkable men and women, some famous others not; completing the thought that begins the title of the book.

Over the weekend, I noticed it again on my book shelf and it got me thinking – What do I believe? What do others believe? Does it matter? I believe it does. For our beliefs grow from what we see, hear, experience, read and think as we go through life. They guide our actions, attitudes and relationships with ourselves and others. Some we have in common, others are different. I thought I would share several of mine with the desire to spark a dialogue of what you believe.

So, here goes. I BELIEVE

Share what you believe

Share what you believe

We are all connected, what I do, what you do, what strangers do, what folks do in other regions of the world, there is a continuous energy or force connecting all of us.

Some of the most valuable parts of life are not visible.

Giving my word is the same as signing a contract perhaps a stronger sign of commitment.

Nature is an endless reminder that we aren’t in control!

Laughing is the best medicine and is a universal language – no translation needed.

Hope is essential to our well-being. “Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” – Jonas Salk

I could go on but I invite you to finish the thought – This I Believe …