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one wayAs a colleague of Nan’s, I often post here when things grab my attention about today’s workplace and sometimes, life. This week I thought I’d share a recent conversation I had with a close friend. She is in a tough spot at work; her personal values and beliefs are in conflict with those of her employer’s. Sound familiar? This situation is fairly common in today’s work climate. The question is – What to do about it?

We talked for quite a bit. Here are three ideas to spark your own thinking.

“It is not your environment; it is you – the quality of your mind, the integrity of your soul, the determination of your will – that will decide  your future and shape your life.” – Benjamin E. Mays

Know Who You Are

Name three characteristics that describe you. What do you stand for? How do others perceive you? What can you compromise? There is strength in knowing who you are. Strength needed to make good decisions, (continue reading →)


images2IMU0FR0I was standing in the lobby watching for my husband out the doorway, when I noticed her. She might have been 12 or 13; her sister slightly younger, and it was clear from the body language between them that something was wrong. The brown haired girl, in shorts and hiking boots, was holding up her cell phone to show the desk attendant at Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park that she, “couldn’t make a call to her parents.”

“Yeah, there’s no cell phone service in the park,” he casually responded, unprepared for what happened next when she began to cry. Between sobs, she stammered that she “had to call her parents.” He spent a few minutes with her trying to figure out why she was so upset before calling reinforcements in the form of a manager, who calmed her down enough to get out the story.

It turned out she and her sister were (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things 

MB900442396[1]Summer is over and Fall is around the corner. Even that thought gives me a bit of stress. So in the interests of a less is more approach to begin this new month, I put together a small collage of information for those who lead, from hundreds of articles that crossed my desk the past few weeks, including my latest piece, in the hopes you might find them helpful:

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