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MB900390459[1]A three hour delayed connecting flight in Minneapolis created headaches for me and other business travelers seeking to still reach their destinations that day. All seats in the narrow gate area were filled and briefcases, roller-boards, and more passengers occupied available floor space. Every half hour the gate agent updated us on the status of a part being flown in to fix a rather minor, but important, mechanical issue on our plane heading to Boston.

It’s not that the conversations I overhead that evening were different from ones I typically hear while traveling. But, I heard them differently. Perhaps it was the close proximity or general exhaustion, combined with the long wait, that heightened the impact of things said; perhaps it was the speakers’ exceptional level of obliviousness to the impact of their very public conversations.

Dozens of stranded passengers couldn’t help hearing details from one loud talker about specific company clients (by name), and problems (continue reading →)

Winning at Working 

MB900422991[1]For several snowy Montana months we looked forward to a winter vacation in Hawaii. A particular thrill for me going there is seeing humpback whales that migrate to the warm waters from Alaska. So, I was especially excited one of our days as we made our way to an eco-adventure to see the whales, with two marine naturalist guides.

I’ve been on a few whale watching trips, so it came as no surprise that in peak whale season our boat was at capacity; as sightings increased so did jockeying for better seeing positions; and not everyone followed protocol to allow children to move up front.

What did, however, surprise me came an hour into the trip. By then, we’d been treated to breaches, tail slapping, and fluke dives, even glimpsing an aggressive fighting pod. The whales had shown themselves in various places so everyone aboard had good sightings.

When it happened, I was standing on the top deck with one hand on a chair back to steady myself against the rocking of the boat, when someone called out a sighting. Immediately the man behind me (continue reading →)

Hitting Your Stride