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As a colleague of Nan’s, I frequently post here when things grab my attention about today’s workplace and sometimes, life. Last week, a colleague who I trusted, broke my trust and damaged our working relationship. I asked him to represent my interests at a meeting instead he only looked out for his interests and sold mine for a very high price tag.  I admit I am still confused and disappointed.

  What now?

•  Take a Time Out – You don’t need to call it that. But when you feel like you’re teetering on the edge or spinning toward unproductive emotions, take a time out. Take a couple of deep breaths, walk outside for 5 minutes; get a cup of coffee or a diet coke (that’s what I did.) Self-monitoring can be a valuable skill.

•  Be Curious – Once you can breathe normally (how long varies according to who you are and the situation.) Put your  curious hat on and ask yourself a few questions. Your answers will help identify what’s next.

  • What happened?

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Trust Inc 

MWCoverImage[1]This is my 133rd “In the Scheme of Things” article for Montana Woman magazine, and it got me thinking about why I continue to write these monthly life reflections columns, and what it means to try to do something one thinks they want to do. Let me explain.

A decade ago I left a successful career on the east coast to return to Montana where I was born in order to fulfill a life dream to work from the mountains I love, and launch a second-stage career as a writer. Despite extensive research into how to be a successful writer, the actual-doing was different from my imagining-of-doing. Like many things, what we think something is like and what it is, aren’t the same. And so it was with becoming a writer.

That’s why after all this time, I still volunteer to write every month for Montana Woman. It reminds me of the difference between being and becoming. I believe life is (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things