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Column8-girl on bikeThere’s a lot of information out there. So, I thought I’d narrow the field this week to three pieces I thought might be helpful to those wanting to build trust and increase their leadership skills:

10 Trust Building New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders – my latest

Selling Social Media Clicks Becomes Big Business – by Martha Mendoza on

8 Ways to Spot Great Leadership –  by Michael Myatt at (continue reading →)

Things You May Have Missed 

PrintMy reaction was “surprise and delight” a few days ago when I received notification that I was named as a Top 100 Thought Leader 2014 by Trust Across America. I am honored to be included in a list of people like these.

Throughout my career I’ve been interested in the topic of trust. I’ve spent time reading, researching, thinking, learning, and teaching about trust. And what I know is this: Trust matters. It brings out the best of us and reminds us who we are. It makes us, and those around us, better.  In this era of distrust, it’s good I think, to remember how much we can all do to built and rebuilt trust in our own worlds. (continue reading →)

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“None of us get a perfect life,” she said at the end of describing years of despair after being widowed as a young military wife with two children under four. Years later, I still reflect on her words and that decades-later conclusion she’d evolved to proclaim.

IMAG0403As we enter this new year of possibility and challenge, it’s good I think, to remember that  perspective in our own worlds. Not all of us must deal with the tragedy of sudden loss, the distress of withering vitality, or the hopeless words of medical providers; not all of us must live with perpetual violence, starving children, or utmost poverty; not all of must face hatred, injustice, or inhumanity. Some of us do live with much heavier burdens on this planet.

While I count myself among the most fortunate despite a few challenging squalls here and there, my heart turns to those who face an everyday life under grim circumstances, unimagined grief, or perpetual hardships. Their struggles make my own seem shallow, trivial, and insignificant because they are in the bigger scheme of things.

Yet even for the most fortunate – there is no perfect life. We all face (continue reading →)

In the Scheme of Things