Three Ways to Find Perspective

As a colleague of Nan’s, I periodically post here when things grab skyscrapermy attention about titleless leaders. This post stems from a recent personal experience. A month ago, I found myself only able to put weight on one foot. It was a HUGE learning experience in many ways. I saw life from a variety of perspectives – sitting in a wheelchair, standing with a walker, and kneeling on the ground. This way of observing life gave me pause and got me thinking – “What am I seeing differently?”

As a titleless leader you may be firing on all cylinders, doing great things and making a difference at work. At the same time, you may be stuck on a task or a project; having difficulty finding a solution or worrying about a looming deadline. Here are three ways to discover a different perspective (without having to break a bone in your foot):

  • Increase Your Altitude:“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes,” in the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. When ‘life happens,” things are out of sync and you start to wonder what really matters in life. Increase your altitude. Get out there. Do something different. Get uncomfortable. You will discover new options, have less stress and enhance your problem-solving.
  •  Ideas In – Ideas Out: Seeds of ideas are everywhere and as long as you’re skyscraperputting new thoughts, concepts, information and perspectives in, you will keep giving new thoughts, concepts and perspectives out. Powerful ideas can come from the least expected places. Go there.
  •  Grow New Eyes: Close your laptop, put down your phone and your tablet. Tune In. Watch what is happening. Pause to look around and make a complete circle. See what is above you, at eye level and on the ground. You are bound to see several new things you haven’t noticed before. Perhaps someone is holding the door for a stranger; kids are playing tag in a park or people rushing here and there. Take note, now look again – What do you see now?

Anything catch your eye lately to find perspective? Love to hear about it.