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Photo - Fall MontanaThis week: I’ve been working for several months on a new book, Trust, Inc.: How to Create a Business Culture That Will Ignite Passion, Engagement, and Innovation. This week is my final “author read.” It’s a chance to catch anything before the publisher, Career Press, sends it off for printing. The book releases in November, but is available for pre-order if you want to check it out.

Things You May Have Missed: There’s so much out there, so I thought I’d narrow the field a bit. One approach I use, especially when I have a lot going on, is to read just one article a day that enhances my leadership perspective or skill building. Here are three pieces I thought might be helpful to titleless leaders:

FYI: Thought you might enjoy a picture I took this weekend capturing the beginning of fall here in the Northwest.


As a colleague of Nan’s, I periodically post here when things grab my attention about titleless leaders, as it did this week.

Photo - ChangeIt is a familiar time of year – Back to School. There are shopping trips to local malls, schedules adjusted and readjusted and many new activities begin. Even if you don’t have children, you are impacted with back to school TV commercials and increased traffic on the roads.

So, if change is on your calendar (and it always is) – here are Five Behaviors for Tackling Change:

  • Prepare – Change comes in all sizes and shapes. It is wanted and unwanted. It is expected and unexpected. And, it is exciting and devastating. Create your own ‘toolbox’ for coping with change.
  • Accept Where You Are – Change often turns everything upside down. Only you can control your reaction to it. Epictetus, a philosopher said, (continue reading →)