For Titleless Leaders – Things That Got My Attention

Photo - flower closeupEclectic items caught my eye recently in-between writing chapters for my new book, Trust, Inc.: How to Create a Business Culture That will Ignite Passion, Engagement, and Innovation (Nov 2013; Career Press), that I wanted to share with titleless leaders. Each gave me pause in a different way:

  • Titleless leaders do great work. But, what makes us feel good about our work? That’s the question asked and answered in this TEDTalk by Professor Dan Ariely.
  • Titleless leaders understand what others see on the outside happens on the inside first.  Yet, how we see ourselves and how others see us is not always congruent. This Dove video offers some perspective on how hard it can be to see us as others do:
  • Titleless leaders know what they’re for. They work toward what they want to bring about. No matter your position on background checks – when people stand for something – it’s powerful. That’s demonstrated in this Op-ed piece by Gabby Giffords.

What things caught your eye about titleless leaders recently?