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Column21 - teaser - working from homeOperating with trust is the foundation of being a titleless leader. So the controversy erupting this week over the decision by Yahoo’s CEO requiring everyone to work in the office raised, I think, big questions about trust.

When your organization or boss shifts to a more controlling style does that indicate a shift in trust? Do you need to be physically around those you work with be able to trust them or have them trust you? In this age of technology are work-anywhere approaches being challenged by the trust deficit that plagues many workplaces?

These questions and more are discussed in my recent article, “In the New Workplace: Trust Begets Trust.” I’d love to hear your thoughts on Yahoo’s decision and/or the topic of trust at work in general


I like twitter. I find it a fun and interesting way to offer and receive info-tidbits, connect with and learn from others, and put a virtual toe into a river of trending happenings or information.Photo - communication

If you want to be a titleless leader, consider these a week of coaching-tweet reminders from me to you:

1. Ask yourself – how can I be of service? How can I best support the work and efforts here?

2. Your words matter. Use them carefully. Don’t forget, please, thank you, and good morning.

3. Paint a word picture of what you want achieved. Help people “see it” – then they can do it.

4. Don’t “hire” hands or heads (continue reading →)


As a colleague of Nan’s I periodically post here when things grab my attention about titleless leaders, that’s what happened this week.

My daughter has been in San Jose, Costa Rica for the past four weeks earning credits towards her degree in Sociology. She sent a message to me on Viber (for those of you, like me who don’t know what is, it’s a cool app that lets you get messages and talk for free). Here’s the message, “You need to check this out; I was inspired.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, it is circulating around the internet, as of this writing it has almost 8 million views – A Pep Talk from Kid PresidentPicture - kid3

The video begins with, “The world needs YOU … We are on the same team, right?” That’s an excellent question.

Here are a few scenarios to spark your thinking (continue reading →)