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As a colleague of Nan’s, I sometimes post about titleless leaders. When writing, I often go through a process, a mindful Rolodex of my recent titleless leader experiences – what I’ve read, what I’ve seen, where I’ve been, how I felt, you get the idea. This past weekend I was fortunate to have two such experiences.

The first was a benefit for a dear friend’s nephew who was shot and is now a quadriplegic. I had a center-stage view of the evening selling raffle tickets. I ‘grew new eyes’ as I watched a team of volunteers, his family and friends deliver an entertaining and fun evening to several hundred people.

  • Growing New Eyes – is one of the outside behaviors of titleless leaders. It looks like this: Go somewhere where you can observe people like a shopping mall, grocery store, or event. Put away your electronic gadgets and observe people. You’ll see positive and negative actions. Now focus on just the positive actions: a smile, a thank you, laughter, someone offering their place in line and so on. Practice seeing positive actions in your daily routine for a week. Then, take this practice to work. As you do this, (continue reading →)


Office politics, that is! No matter how you define it, the phrase “office politics” emits a reaction. What’s yours?

There are some who believe work is a game to win, and survival of the fittest necessitates “dark-side” politics. Others believe the way to win is not to play.

However there’s another option – one used by titleless leaders.  They believe that helping each thrive helps everyone survive.

Titleless leaders serve up something I call “dependable politics.” Their best-self ingredients yields trustworthy politics, resulting in a positive use of influence others can depend on.  These ingredients include:

  • Well-intentioned behaviors
  • Integrity, ethics, and trust
  • Positive influence designed to make a difference
  • Honest relationships focused on big-picture outcomes and common goals,
  • Sharing, cooperation, and collaboration.

These uncommon behaviors enable titleless leaders to get things done with help and support, no matter their role.

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