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How do you lead people who don’t report to you or get results when you don’t have the title or authority? Or maybe you have both, but struggle to achieve results in an ever changing workplace where level of authority no longer guarantees followers? The answer? Become a titleless leader.

How people work, communicate, collaborate, and manage responsibilities has changed. Knowing how to create natural followership, build influence, and (continue reading →)

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My new book, The Titleless Leader: How to Get Things Done When You’re Not in Charge, published by Career Press, officially launches May 22, 2012. Barring any serious complications with Word Press , this site should be fully operational by then.

Why did I write this book? In the last year, I’ve been in dozens of states, worked with numerous companies, and spoken to thousands of employees. My perspective is this: the majority of workplaces (continue reading →)

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