Nan S. Russell
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MountainWorks Communications

inspiring the greatness in people and organizations

Our Vision

MountainWorks Communications sees itself as a catalyst, inspiring the greatness in people and organizations. We don’t mean great in the context of being great or famous or distinguished, or achieving power, influence or authority. Rather, greatness is about offering the best of who you are to the world.

We believe the world needs you and your gifts. In that context, your work is about becoming who you are capable of becoming. Our job, then, is to help you live your life’s potential and offer your uniqueness to the world.

We believe when people connect with their potential, and actualize their dreams, they become the change the world needs. Isn’t that why we’re here? To make a difference somehow by being who we are?

We believe a Revolution of the Soul @ Work™ will ultimately transform the work-world to one that honors the spirit, not diminishes it. In time, people will accept nothing less than workplaces that enable them to offer the best of who they are. And in time, organizations, in order to compete, will be a collective reflection of our best: compassion, openness, tolerance, trust, love and integrity.

MountainWorks Communication is planting possibility seeds so our children’s children can live and work in a different world. Yes, it is a big dream, but we believe if you’re going to dream – you might as well dream big!

Why MountainWorks Communications?

We combine real-world experience, real-world understanding, and real-world perspectives with a vision for a better tomorrow. While we may inspire you to tap into your own greatness, it won’t be without a practical understanding of what that means, what it takes and how to do it.

We’re not outsiders looking into the complexities of an unknown business arena. We’ve been there. We’ve done it.

We know first-hand the workplace challenges, frustrations, dark-side politics, and pressure-filled demands that people face. We also know the highs of making a difference, the passion of doing great work, and the thinking that fuels exceptional results.

While we may have big dreams and a vision to help make a more thriving work-world for everyone, you can count on one thing at MWC: our approach is grounded in experience and real-world understanding.

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 70, Hygiene, CO 80533
Phone: 720.684.6340